/ April 23, 2013 /
I know it's usually quiet around here, but that's because I'm been holding on to a secret for a while. As of last night, Rare Specimens are now for sale at

Pretty exciting stuff!

You can see them all here. They started with 4 styles; Pyrite, Herkimer Diamonds, Citrine and Aqua Aura Quartz. I'm not sure why the citrine studs aren't online yet, but the others look like beauties.

I was approached by this possibility in January, and it's taken until almost May for it to be real and legit and something that I could say out loud. Last night was the first time I've seen them for sale on the website, and I totally did a happy dance around my living room when it happened.

In what seems like perfect timing, there's a Rare Specimens giveaway going on right now over at A Beautiful Mess. This was planned months ago, but I'm so happy that the timing coincided with my other big news. This week feels pretty unreal.

Go win yourself $100 of Rare Specimens goods. I want you to. I'm rooting for you to win!


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